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However, unlike many, Shakepay transparently outlines the process of transferring assets to a non-custodial crypto wallet or CAD bank account, near-instantly. Like many Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges, Shakepay acts as the custodian of wallet deposits and holds the private keys to access them . Shakepay also has limit orders, which are also only available on the mobile app.

Dubbed ‘responsive support’, they promise to resolve customer issues within hours. Speed – It takes just minutes to set up an account and purchase your first bitcoins or ETHs. Coin purchases are confirmed in under 5 minutes, while conversions between Bitcoin and Ethereum are instant. The Better Business Bureau said that cryptocurrency fraud is now the number one scam in Canada with investors young and old falling for crypto scams online. Cryptocurrency held with Shakepay is backed by an insurance policy. When you sign up to Shakepay through a referral link , you and the person who referred you can earn free Bitcoin through the ShakingSats feature.


They are enjoying my money, i have been trying to withdraw my money now for over 3months, i tried to contact them but no response and couldnt get a cent from them. You and up to four friends can also form a ShakeSquad and earn rewards on each other’s purchases. To purchase crypto, just enter the amount you wish to purchase. You will be shown a conversion and all you need to do is click the buy button. Just select which method you prefer and follow the steps.

We also ensure all reviews are published without moderamarkets60n. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitamarkets60ns. Shakepay claims that support tickets can be answered within hours, even on weekends. We reached out to the support team via email to see how quickly they would respond. We received a reply the next day, less than 24 hours later.

Mobile and Desktop app

You can first check out the detailed Help page inundated with quesmarkets60ns, answers, and articles concerning all Shakepay topics. Shakepay Card – receive 1% in free bitcoin in your Shakepay account and a chance for a #shakepaid transacmarkets60n to get the full purchase amount back in bitcoin. Shakepay reports it has purchased and sold over $7 billion in digital currency.

Next, you will need to upload a government-issued ID such as your passport or driver’s licence. The next step is to record a video of yourself saying the digits that appear on the screen and submit this. You must keep your head within the oval shape that appears either on the screen. To sign up for Shakepay, you’ll first need to enter an email, password and your desired Shaketag, which will be your username. Using Shakepay is extremely easy due to their great usability and interface.

  • Read a detailed breakdown of their service in this Shakepay review.
  • Their Proof of Reserves & Security Report is available to the public for review, meaning you can see exactly what security processes are in place.
  • It would give its customers more peace of mind knowing the details about these.
  • Hydro-Quebec hopes to restore power to 70 to 80 per cent of customers by Friday night, officials said Thursday morning. adheres to privacy laws and holds FINTRAC and Revenu Québec in all provinces and territories in Canada. When people talk about the Shakepay fees, they usually refer to the platform’s 1 percent to 3 percent spread on trading. Essentially, Shakepay earns revenue by capturing the difference between buying and selling cryptocurrency. As I menmarkets60ned previously, there are several funding opmarkets60ns at Shakepay that are completely commission-free. This means they don’t charge a commission when you buy or sell cryptocurrency. Shakepay also covers transacmarkets60n fees for transferring money off the platform.

Shakepay is a “no fee” exchange, but in reality, it’s a broker. With a tradimarkets60nal crypto exchange, users buy and sell from each other and the exchange facilitates that. A broker buys from its users and sells to its users at prices they set themselves.

The Shakepay Visa* Prepaid Card

Users need no more than a mobile phone to visit the app and purchase their first Bitcoin. It is possible to set up a personal account and make an initial Bitcoin investment within just a few minutes. No commission is applied when users buy or sell cryptocurrency, and it is always possible to buy at the best market price. Shakepay prides itself on offering a prompt service and believes users should not need to wait several days to transfer money to personal accounts. Another advantage Shakepay offers is its belief in high customer service standards — which means a business should always be capable of solving even the most complex problems.

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Stoic AI Review 2023: Is It a Legit Bot for Trading?.

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You can then choose how you plan to use your account, such as buying or selling digital currencies, sending money to friends, paying rent, receiving payments, purchasing goods, and more. With the excepmarkets60n of Bull Bitcoin for bill payments, Shakepay is unique as an exchange, since, typically, most platforms are solely for buying and selling digital currencies. Shakepay is a safe crypto exchange, implementing industry standard protocols to secure the money, accounts, and personal data of its customers. Shakepay began as a prepaid debit card service fuelled by cryptocurrency.

Two women arrested on arrival in Canada after repatriamarkets60n from Syria: lawyer

Their Proof of Reserves & Security Report is available to the public for review, meaning you can see exactly what security processes are in place. Shakepay is an exchange platform for cryptocurrency that stores crypto or transfers it to a private wallet. Shakepay makes money from the difference between the buying and selling price of cryptocurrencies.

  • NDAX. Another Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange with a simple user interface and a high level of security that complies with the latest standards.
  • Many crypto exchanges operate in this way since it’s how they make a profit.
  • As I menmarkets60ned at the beginning of the review, one workaround here is to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum via Shakepay and transfer to another exchange.
  • No commission is applied when users buy or sell cryptocurrency, and it is always possible to buy at the best market price.
  • This is pretty standard practice for many exchanges, but you may notice a more significant gap between Shakepays’ buy and sell prices than others.

Customers would purchase prepaid cards with bitcoins. When it came time to buy something, the card would be used just like any standard prepaid or debit card. The Shakepay system would automatically convert bitcoins into fiat to complete the transacmarkets60n. Yes, given most Shakepay assets are held in cold storage, the company has an insurance policy.This policy covers most damages, theft, and the loss of private keys. Like other Candian platforms, Shakepay allows users to deposit or withdraw CAD using e-transfer or wire transfer, each with different processing times.

The vast majority of digital currencies are kept in cold storage wallets that are covered by insurance. Shakepay provides secure withdrawals to Canadian bank accounts and Interac e-Transfer. Withdrawals are also processed quickly, and all user data is stored on secure servers, so you won’t have to worry about not receiving your funds.

The site has also recently eliminated its wait times for deposits, withdrawals, and verificamarkets60ns. It has included SmartTrade – the opmarkets60n to trade from one altcoin to another without trading to Ethereum or Bitcoin first. Currently, the user satisfacmarkets60n rate for the site is 97%. CoinSmart prides itself on catering to beginners while being designed by experts aiming to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Unlike Shakepay, CoinSmart also trades Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar, and more, and they’re constantly adding new currencies to the platform.


First, let’s look at how to get shakepay reviewed with Shakepay. Trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including many altcoins. Despite her formal background in linguistics, Maja has always been fascinated by the world of finance. She has spent years and years analyzing the market, including trades, investments, pitfalls to avoid as well as the stock exchange. As of recent, she has been studying some non-mainstream stocks in Canada.

Shakepay Review Summary

Shakepay is one such platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Whether users are withdrawing or deposing CAD funds via e-transfer, the process is complete within a few minutes. Shakepay operates as a no-commission platform that benefits traders.

When you apply for a Loans Canada service, our website simply refers your request to qualified third party providers who can assist you with your search. Loans Canada may receive compensamarkets60n from the offers shown on its website. Use your Shakepay Visa card to receive 1% back in Bitcoin on all purchases. Set a rule on the Shakepay platform to automatically buy crypto on a set schedule, like daily, weekly, or monthly. The app is streamlined and straightforward, meaning account holders can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum quickly and easily from anywhere. Users will need to download the Shakepay app to take advantage of the ShakingSats rewards.

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Canadian man out $81,000 in cryptocurrency scheme CTV News.

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Apart from that, users may be charged addimarkets60nal fees by their respective banks if they wish to make deposits or withdrawals via wire transfers. Shakepay makes it easy for you to move your funds to personal crypto wallets. Users can add funds or deposit cryptocurrency after completing the applicamarkets60n and verificamarkets60n processes.

wire transfer

It should be no surprise that the Shakepay app and platform are jam-packed with useful features to improve your trading experience. Jason Tschetter of Camrose, Alberta wanted to invest to help his growing family and researched cryptocurrencies before putting some money into a trading platform online. For years, she held her real estate license in Toronto, Ontario before giving it up to pursue writing within this realm and related niches. Lisa is very serious about smart money management and helping others do the same.

“I’ve accepted already that maybe the money is gone, but I really need that money back,” Fairburn said. “That money we put into this cryptocurrency investment is needed for the closing costs for the condo we bought.” Juliana Fairburn of Scarborough, Ont. invested in cryptocurrencies after a friend suggested she could do it to make extra money.

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